Wasel Supplementary & Value Added Services


To provide enhanced levels of convenience Etisalat offers a wide range of additional value added services for Wasel line. These services offer you flexibility and control in communication and are extremely simple to activate and deactivate. All supplementary services provided can be used while roaming, provided they are also available and offered by the network of the country where the subscriber is roaming.

Following table shows a quick summary of the list of supplementary value adding services available for GSM phone lines. To get more details on the service features, please click on the appropriate service name.

For subscribing to these services, Please click here.

Service Type Description Subscription Procedures Connection Charges Rental Dhs. Activation Code De-activation Code
Subscribing through E-shop By Visiting Etisalat
Subscribe through E-Shop
EW@p Access of Internet on Mobile. Subscriber through E-Shop Free NA Free NA NA
Al Mersal Message Service Basic Voice mail Service. Allows caller to leave voice messages Subscribe through E-Shop Free NA Free After subscribing to the service set up your mail box and forward your calls to the mail box as follows: Busy: * 67 * 123 #
No Reply: * 61 * 123 #
S/off: * 62 * 123 #
Busy: # # 67 #
No Reply: # # 61 #
S/Off: # # 62 #
To cancel All: # # 002 #
Services Available As Default
Call Forwarding on busy Divert calls when your line is busy. No need to subscribe available by default Available as Default NA NA * * 67 * Number # Send # # 67 #
Call Forwarding on no reply Divert calls if you do not reply No need to subscribe available by default Available as Default NA NA * * 61 * Number # Send # # 61 #
Call Forwarding on Switch off or no coverage Divert calls when your mobile is switched off or outside coverage area No need to subscribe available by default Available as Default NA NA * * 62 * Number # Send # # 62 #
SMS Risala Sending and receiving of Short text messages NA Available as Default NA NA Service available by default Just store Etisalat Message Center number in your GSM handset
For GSM: +971506060000
For Wasel: +971506060000