Registration Process

You can easily and quickly register on the site online and get instant access to its various facilities and services. However to confirm your registration you will be required to visit your nearest Etisalat office ONCE only to get your identity verified and get access to even more enhanced facilities like viewing detailed bills, ordering new services etc.

How to Register

Bill Payment
After Registering with Etisalat4Me, you can get Etisalat bills for all your services online - updated up to last half hour or even old bills up till three months prior. You can also pay Etisalat bills (GSM, Telephone, Dial up, Al Shamil, e-vision) online - any amount - easily & conveniently.
Services 4me4Me
In addition to Bill Viewing and Payment, this site provides you many other facilities like:
  • Wasel Recharge & Renewal.
  • Ordering Wasel4me service.
  • Ordering Al Shamil service.
  • Ordering Dial-up service.
  • Resetting Internet Password for Free.
  • Getting call details for the various bills.
  • Changing billing address.
  • Linking your Etisalat accounts.
  • Ordering Star services.
  • Reporting & Tracking Faults with Etisalat lines.
Account Linking
You may register on Etisalat4Me from any ONE of your Etisalat accounts (Mobile or DEL or Internet) and later get all your other Etisalat accounts linked to it. This will facilitate you to view all your Etisalat bills together and pay for them together.
WASEL Recharge & Renew
You can easily and quickly recharge WASEL accounts from this site using your credit card with 10% extra credit. The facility also allows you to send a SMS to the WASEL account which is charged. To recharge & renew your WASEL using Etisalat you are requested to link your WASEL account(s), to at least one of your GSM / Fixed Phone Lines / Internet Dial-up account.
WAP Access for Etisalat4Me
You can also access Etisalat4Me through eWAP from your mobile. Simply logon to ewap and link to Etisalat4Me. You can get your Etisalat bills and pay for them and also recharge your WASEL in an instant.

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